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About Us

  • Certified.org was founded by early leaders in the automotive revolution.  Dating back to 1999, the founders of certified.org believed that truth, trust, and transparency were the keys to  transacting online in the automotive sector.   Originally, the founders built the largest online marketplace for consumers and dealers.  This experience led us to conclude that more assurance was needed for auto buyers, and thus the idea of certified.org was born.

    Certified.org now serves as the industry standard for the independent certification market.  Last year, over 40 million used cars and trucks were sold in the United States, and fewer than two million were certified by factory-sponsored programs.  That creates an enormous opportunity for private sellers, and automotive retailers, to certify vehicles that were previously not certified.  And that’s our mission – to offer an independent certification standard and service for these vehicles.

    As more and more consumers and automotive dealers become familiar with the benefits of selling their vehicles this way, the “certified revolution” will take hold, and it will become common place for automotive buyers to expect their vehicle to come with some basic protections.  Think about it, ten years ago nobody knew what a vehicle history report was, and now today, over 60% of used car buyers wouldn’t purchase a vehicle without a complete history on their vehicle.  That mass adoption is bound to extend to the certified market, so in the future, every car buyer will have the basic protections of a vehicle that has been inspected, comes standard with a limited warranty, has basic purchase protection, a complete vehicle history report, and access to credible extended warranty coverage.

    So that is our mission – to expand the “certified revolution” so that all consumers have access to a more transparent automotive buying experience.  Won’t you join us today?