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How it works

  • Selling your vehicle in the “for sale by owner” market can be challenging.  On average, it will take you over 55 days to sell your vehicle, and you will have to compete will thousands of dealer listings in your local market.

  can help you level the playing field.  As the industry standard, we can help you market your vehicle as certified, like dealers do, which will shorten your sales time and increase your sales price.



    By selling with, your vehicle will stand out in a crowded marketplace and generate significant buyer interest:



    How it Works


    The cost of the listing is $199 today, and $199 at the time your vehicle sells.  We have a simple three-step process:


    Step One: Enter your VIN to check the eligibility of your vehicle.  It must be 15 years or newer, cannot have more than 150,000 miles, and must have a clean title.


    Step Two: We will ask you a few questions about your vehicle, including the listing price and mileage, and ask you to upload up to five marketing images.  Once payment is completed, you will be ready to go!


    Step Three:  We will give you images for your Craig’s List ad, as well as some text and code to copy into your ad.  We will then take your ad details and post your listing on top automotive websites across the Internet.



    When you sell your vehicle, your buyer will contact our warranty activation center and we will activate coverage on your vehicle.  At that time, you will be charged an additional $199.


    So let’s get your vehicle sold fast and for full value.  Enter your VIN below.